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Masada Farm

Masada farm is closed from sundown friday to sundown saturday to observe the Sabbath.  All dogs are AKC registered and many are ASCA. No fake registries(ASDR, CKC, ACA, NPR, IMASC ) here.

Ace is AKC and ASCA registered. Clear on Aussie panel. He is a big baby and gets along with all the other dogs. He has a low herding drive. Ace is 70 lbs and 23" tall.

Pistol is a blue-eyed tri. He is AKC and ASCA registered. He has low herding drive and loves visitors. He is 55 lbs. and 20" tall.

Softy is out of Ace and Gator. AKC and ASCA reg. He has a show coat and throws great heads/muzzles on his pups. He is very sweet and laid back. 19" tall and about 50 lbs.

Smoke is AKC and ASCA registered. Clear on Aussie panel. He is 19" and about 50 LBS. He is very friendly and has very low herding drive.

Galil is a blue-eyed tri. AKC and ASCA registered. 

Galil is out of Bear and Pistol. He is red factored and clear on the Aussie panel through Paw Prints lab.

He has low herding drive. He is loving and eager to please. He is about 22" and about 60 lbs.

He has a thick coat, blocky head, and solid bones.

Slate is AKC and ASCA registered.

Slate is about 55 lbs. He is a slim boy. He loves people and gets along with all the other dogs.

Samson is AKC registered and ASCA eligible.

He has a blocky head and thick bones. His coat is thick and he has blue eyes. He is a very sweet boy.

He is about 60 lbs and about 22" at shoulder. He is a pup from Pistol and Luna.