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Masada Farm

Masada farm is closed from sundown friday to sundown saturday to observe the Sabbath.  All dogs are AKC registered and many are ASCA. No fake registries(ASDR, CKC, ACA, NPR, IMASC ) here.

AKC litter whelped July 1st and ready now.

Still working on this page.

Scar and Samson have a blue merle female with blue eyes, two black tri males with blue eyes, and a black tri female with brown eyes available.

Scar is AKC registered. She is very eager to please and loves visitors.

She stays slim and weighs about 40 lbs.

She is a pup from Ace and Soli. She was bitten by a dog when she was a pup and has a scar on the right side of her mouth.

Samson is AKC registered and ASCA eligible.

He has a blocky head and thick bones. His coat is thick and he has blue eyes. He is a very sweet boy.

He is about 60 lbs and about 22" at shoulder. He is a pup from Pistol and Luna.

Available ! Scar's blue merle female with blue eyes.

Very calm pup with thick bones and a gorgeous thick coat. 

Reserved for Diane.

Scar's black tri male 1 with blue eyes.

Very thick coat, full white collar, blocky head, and thick bones. He is calm and loving to boot.