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Masada Farm

Masada farm is closed from sundown friday to sundown saturday to observe the Sabbath.  All dogs are AKC registered and many are ASCA. No fake registries(ASDR, CKC, ACA, NPR, IMASC ) here.

AKC litter and can be ASCA as well.

These pups have very thick and fluffy coats. They have thick bones and blocky heads. 

Very loving and calm pups.

Peaches is a Red merle from Josie and Smoke.

Peaches is AKC and eligible for ASCA registration.

She has great bones and a blocky head with compact muzle.

She is always game to play with the family.

She is about 45 lbs.

Cinnamon is the sire to this litter. This is his puppy picture and I must take new pictures when we get some good weather. He is from Bear and Slate. He has blue eyes, thick bones, blocky head, thick coat, and a great personality. He is a big gentle boy. He is about 65 lbs.

Available ! red merle female with blue eyes.

Available ! Red tri female 2 with brown eyes.

Available ! Red merle male  with left eye blue and right eye brown.